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03 May 2006

The truthiness hurts

Kudos to Stevie C. for his dead-on parody of the spin merchants, during Colbert's naked truthathon, at the white house correspondents' dinner. The lack of initial mainstreamedia comment, followed by their predictably wounded response, "it's not funny when you make fun of us", shows only the petulance of those who control the message.

What Bush and the media were fed after dinner, was a lethal dose of their own toxic pap. The true potency of this rhetorical poison, is that it cannot be spit out. The Lords of the Flies have seen their reflections in Colbert's satirical mirror, and they can't get it out of their minds.

Now that their evil scheme is surfacing, with the help of Monsieur Colbert, the struggling neocons will have no defense, but to continue to insist that our collective eyes are being deceived.

Ignore the man behind the curtain, Dorothy!

What has become clear is that George W. Bush does not give a rat's a** about you or me. W cares about W, and people who can help W get more money. George W. Bush is as un-Godly as a human avatar can become. His front of kind sincerity belies a heart that is motivated by pure selfishness, and indifference to others.

Tolerance of a president's shameless self-promotion, at the expense of the good citizens of this nation, is never acceptable. It would be too simple to say that George W. Bush is evil. He is pathologically selfish.

Selfishness is the opposite of consciousness. Selfishness is motivated by fear and capitulation to human desire. Selfishness is the easy choice.

Why does George W. Bush think that he can get away with this selfish and criminal usurpation of authority?

Because he is too self-absorbed to think otherwise.


At 2:38 AM, Anonymous Kim said...

we sat atunned and amazed while watching the video tonight -- my partner kept saying, "They're gonna kill him."
Then we watched the video of the Pres and his double. It was funny, but it was also eerie. What it showed me was that George W. Bush is NOT stupid -- it is purely an act he puts on for the rubes. We suspected as much, since on old recordings, before he acquired his Texas accent, he spoke good English.

At 2:39 AM, Anonymous Kim said...

That's "stunned" not "atunned". I should have proofread more of it....

At 7:07 PM, Blogger Kim said...

GravityLove -- over on Bui9lding the Beloved Community, you posted about the abberant beliefs of fundamentalist "Christians". I can't comment there, so I thought I would comment here.
At MemePolice, we are calling them Inverted Christians, because they have inverted the teachings of Jesus, and believe essentially the opposite of what He taught. If you are interested in proof using Bible quotes, I have an essay (by Brad Hicks) you can read about it: they (the Inverted Christians) are essentially Satan Worshippers.
I apologize if you have read it before.

At 11:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kim and Gravity! I always like to see comments about dubya's speech and the alleged Texas accent. It is unfortunate his producers have been able to pass poor grammar and syntax off as "Texas style". As I have posted before, I grew up here. I have a real Texas accent. So did my grandparents. I know what it sounds like. Our distinction is phonological instead of syntactic. We know how to speak English, but the sound of it sort of hurts the ears sometimes. The dubya noise is not a Texas accent. It is poor grammar and syntax with a cheap imitation of southern sounds designed to appeal to anti-intellectual sentiment. The underlying implied "Texas style" is not that at all. He has shamed us.



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