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24 June 2006

My message for July 4, 2006

On this nation's 230th birthday, I am humbly grateful to God for the freedom that this nation provides. We often take our freedoms for granted, until we see what life would be like without it.

I consider the suffering residents of Iraq during this difficult time that the United States is ostensibly trying to bring them freedom. They live in fear of being killed for the way that they look or what they wear. I worry for political prisoners in Red China who are imprisoned simply for speaking the truth. I think of suffering children slaves, who are bought and sold as an emerging growth industry around the world, and even here in the US. I think of the Islamic prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, some of whom are innocent and some of whom would rather kill me than look at me, who will spend the rest of their lives in captivity. How fortunate are we.

I pray for relief for any who are suffering, and I thank God for the freedom to write and speak without recrimination.

God bless the world on the United States of America's 230th birthday!


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