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09 July 2006

The Spirituality of a Blade of Grass

God, the creator, is present in everything.

God is material cause, and material.

God is the cellulose, and the water that flows past the cellulose.

God is pattern, the DNA map, that assembles the materials in just the right way for the blade of grass to function.

03 July 2006

Thank you for liberating us, now please leave.

One thing that all Iraqis can agree on is that they could be no worse with the United States military OUT OF THEIR COUNTRY. The US is not there to protect the Iraqi people. They are there to protect Exxon, Halliburton and Lockheed.

When you look at the facts, Iraq was invaded and taken over by a foreign country (us) without a formal declaration of war, and based on a false pretense. The LEAST we can do is to leave.

The diplomatic solution would be for the Iraqi President to say "Thank you for liberating us from Saddam, we can take care of the rest from here." A coalition of non-hostile countries (i.e. not USA) could help Iraq to maintain security and to rebuild.

Then, all of our sons and daughters can come home from that nightmarish hell that is Operation Iraqi Freedom!