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13 September 2006

The culture of the USA worships only material wealth.


At 2:49 AM, Anonymous kim said...

Parts of it do. The parts shown on TV and in movies are mostly ammoral materialistic competitive self-centered adolescents. That is what Capitalism wants us to be because it makes us good little consumers. But not all of American culture is like that -- there is a lot of history of helping each other and the rest of the world, of being inventive and enthusiastic, we are not afraid of hard work or a challenge -- or at least we weren't until W encouraged Americans to abandon our courage and become craven cowards, so concerned about "security" that we (many of us) are willing to give up our freedoms and our democracy to feel like we are under the wing of a big dangerous bully who will flap and yap until we feel safe (he doesn't actually DO anything that makes us safer....).
As I have been saying for a while -- the conservatives blame the liberals for the lack of morals and materialism, while the liberals blame the conservatives, but it is really a third group -- the Neocons, who are responsible. The problem is that conservatives lump those immoral materialists who only care about money in with the liberals, while the liberals think they are part of the conservatives.
In terms of Spiral Dynamics, conservatives are Blue Meme people, Liberals are Green Meme and Neocons are Orange Meme. We need to educated people to the idea that there are three groups rather than two working.

At 8:48 AM, Blogger Dr. Gravity Love said...

Well said, Kim. I will search Spiral Dynamics. Sounds fascinating.

The absence of anything spiritual makes consumerism unsustaining.
The consumers are hungry.

This unfulfilled need draws consumers into orthodox/fundamentalist religious movements, which then subvert this spiritual hunger to serve the needs of the various demagogues, who, in return, preach the themes that resonate spiritually with the consumers. Americana culture uses this formula for its religious consumerism.

The integrity of religious consumerism is as fickle and variable as human personality. Fundamentalist preachers are often those human beings who seek money and power. Their unnatural focus on seeking God through selfish pursuits of piety or purity leave the rest of us to suffer their ignorance.

It is selflessness, not self-absorption, which brings us closer to God/dess.

Wistful, yet hopeful for the possibility of change, I pour my energy into the balanced self-interested selflessness of spiritual progressivism. IMO, spiritual progressivism provides the tastiest nourishment for the soul. ;-)


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