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16 November 2006

My letter to the editor 11-16-2006

I attended a hearing yesterday in Philadelphia, where the Secretary of State of Pennsylvania, through his attorney, said that he alone is the Decider when it comes to voting equipment. Voters should have no input into the voting machine selection process.

What were the reasons given to dismiss our citizens' law suit, which merely requests that computerized voting machines be re-examined, in light of important, new information about their poor security?

1. We, voters, didn't file the law suit within 30 days of the original certification. Attorney Aronchik insisted that the burden of responsibility was on the voters, to find out about the certification for themselves, despite a complete absence of publicity about the certification proceedings.

2. Elections are the business of candidates running for election and not voters.

3. We are wasting the government's time and money with this law suit.

On the contrary, this government is wasting my time and money.

Let the sun shine in! Let's re-examine these voting machines for their security and accuracy. After all, counting every vote is the gold standard, by which our political process is guided. What is more important than that?